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How can I plot this GUI ?

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Ercong Shang
Ercong Shang on 19 Feb 2016
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021; Does anyone know how it is run? A complete code example will be appreciated.

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Arnab Sen
Arnab Sen on 24 Feb 2016
Hi Ercong,
I understand that you want to execute the script and plot it. However, MATLAB is throwing error if trying to run directly. To execute it replace the 3rd line as below:
>>figure('Units','normalized','NumberTitle','off','name','Robot','color','w','position',[.1 .1 .8 .8])
In the GUI you can press the 'Go' button to plot.
If this does not answer your question, then please provide more details about the issue.
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Ercong Shang
Ercong Shang on 8 Mar 2016
Thank you Arnab, but I know little about GUI. Where can I find such a 'Go' button? Is a GUI an application of MATLAB like Simulink?


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