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MLE program troubleshoot for the error "the pdf function returned negative or zero values"

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sreepradha on 17 Feb 2016
Answered: sun on 21 Jul 2021
i have the following code and the error msg is
"Error using mlecustom>llf_pdfcdf (line 440)
The PDF function returned negative or zero values."
what is to be changed to get the lamda value?pls help me
Y=[0;0;3.16060256660987;4.32332341640756;4.75106456578097;4.90842176024353;4.96631024416752;4.98760622991804;4.99544058622424;4.99832268520062;4.99938295029261] t=[0:1:10]'
data=[X Y]
fn_mle=@(lamda, X, t) lamda(1)*(1-exp(-lamda(2).*t)).*X
phat=mle(data(:,2),'pdf',fn_mle,'start',[5 1],'lowerbound', [0.01 0.01], 'upperbound', [100 100]);

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