Modeling Required Force for Lever Restrained by Tracking Plate

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I am attempting to model the behavior of a lever, (specifically a throttle mechanism), which has "hard stops" in it that require the lifting of an auxiliary handle to pass. I have constructed a preliminary model wherein I have constrained the internal "guide pin" of the throttle lever to the path of the tracking plate it is supposed to follow, however I am not observing a resultant force when the pin ascends the incline.
Observed Torque Response. Demonstrates torque increase due to spring response, but does not model force required to move the pin through the incline at the "hard stop" portion of the spline.
Model of Spline
Ultimately, I would have much preferred to do a contact simulation of this model (which I am almost certain would solve the current problem I am having), but if anyone has any input as to a way to generate the physical behavior I am trying to model, I would certainly appreciate it.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 20 Nov 2022
I believe you have two options:
  1. A Point On Curve Constraint combined with a Prismatic Joint would give you the motion along the curve as well as the option of putting in a spring to resist the motion of the pin along the lever.
  2. The Spatial Contact Force block could be used in place of the Point-on-Curve Constraint

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