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How can I set Values to Simulink Block from my Workspace?

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I want to send PID Values to Simulink Model from my file.m
I have tried this way but I got an error which I dont understand what it means...
PID_Values = set_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller','PID Controller','1','1','1');
ERROR: PID 1dof block (mask) does not have a parameter named 'PID Controller'
P_Value = set_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller','PID Controller','1');
I_Value = set_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller','PID Controller','1');
D_Value = set_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller','PID Controller','1');
ERROR: PID 1dof block (mask) does not have a parameter named 'PID Controller'

Accepted Answer

Nobel Mondal
Nobel Mondal on 8 Feb 2016
To get the list of parameters associated with 'PID Controller' block, I would use the below command :
allParams = get_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller', 'DialogParameters');
If you are looking to find any particular parameter value, let's say the Proportional Gain :
P_Gain_Val = get_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller', 'P');
For setting values , (P = 10, I = 2, D = 0.1)
set_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller', 'P', '10', 'I', '2', 'D', '0.1'); % No output argument

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Suresh Garimella
Suresh Garimella on 3 Feb 2016
error is saying that the specific block you are using does not have parameter 'PID Controller'.
select the block, then type get_param in command window,
all parameters of that block (object) will be displayed, now use set_param to change any parameter value
Bob on 4 Feb 2016
P_Value_get = get_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller','PID Controller','P');
I_Value_get = get_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller','PID Controller','I');
D_Value_get = get_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller','PID Controller','D');
P_Value_Set = set_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller','PID Controller','P');
I_Value_Set = set_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller','PID Controller','I');
D_Value_Set = set_param('Simulink_Model/PID Controller','PID Controller','D');
Again error
Nobel Mondal
Nobel Mondal on 8 Feb 2016
You are not using get_param and set_param in a proper way. Please type
help get_param
help set_param
in matlab command prompt to see the intended usage.

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