Save ginput values under a for loop

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Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez on 1 Feb 2016
Answered: David Young on 1 Feb 2016
Hi I wanted to save values obtained from ginput inside a loop and create an array with those, my for loop looks like:
for index=1:24
figure('Position',[1 1 scrsz(3)*0.9 scrsz(4)*0.9]);
plot(t*1000, TRnorm(:,index), 'b');
hold on;
plot(t*1000, TRACES(:,index)/max(TRACES(:,index)), 'k');
plot([T(index) T(index)],[1 -1], 'r');
title(['Shot at ',D,' m and geophone at ', num2str(x(index)),' m'])
So as i do get 24 images one by one and get to select a ginput point in each, it doesn't save the values in A and B. I would like to store all the values of B and A I selected in arrays, how can i do that?

Answers (1)

David Young
David Young on 1 Feb 2016
Just replace
[B(index), A(index)] = ginput;
to store each pair of inputs in array elements. Ideally preallocate your arrays before the loop starts with
A = zeros(1, 24);
B = zeros(1, 24);


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