Errors Upon Launching Matt Brauer's Enigma Simulator

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I have downloaded Matt Brauer's Enigma simulator code and added the directory and sub-directories to the Matlab search path. When I enter launchEnigma on the command line (per startHere.m) I get the errors below. What am I doing wrong?
>> launchEnigma
Error using imread (line 349)
File "@enigmaRotorUI/images/blankGauge.png" does not exist.
Error in enigmaApp/createRotorSection (line 14)
img = imread(fullfile('@enigmaRotorUI','images','blankGauge.png'));
Error in enigmaApp/createMachineSection (line 19)
Error in enigmaApp (line 162)
Error in launchEnigma (line 7)
Peter Stockman
Peter Stockman on 1 Feb 2016
Edited: Peter Stockman on 1 Feb 2016
Geoff: Thanks for coming back to me. One of the Enigma authors came back to me and pointed out that, in its current implementation, the app must have the MATLAB working directory as its parent directory. The authors are tracking this limitation and will look at a more generalized implementation. Peter

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Accepted Answer

Matt Brauer
Matt Brauer on 1 Feb 2016
This problem is due to a limitation in the app that uses relative paths to define the location of the images. The only way to avoid this problem is to keep MATLAB's working directory as the parent directory of the application's files (where launchEnigma.m resides). We will track this issue on the Git repository and look at submitting an enhancement. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Given the title of this question, I also want to point out that this app was a collaborative effort as spelled out in the File Exchange submission. The development was split between the team of Corey Lagunowich, Cesar Rivadeneyra, Adam Sifounakis, Sean de Wolski and myself.
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Peter Stockman
Peter Stockman on 1 Feb 2016
Edited: Peter Stockman on 1 Feb 2016
Matt: Thanks much. This is very clear. Re the title of the question: I was trying to be clear and specific (per instructions! it is my first MATLAB question). I did read the notes and recognize that this was a collaboration. You are right to bring the folks in this collaboration forward.

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