Why won't vision.Dep​loyableVid​eoPlayer work in MATLAB compiler deployed executable?

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I am trying to deploy some code using the fast video display calling the Computer Vision Toolbox vision.DeployableVideoPlayer. This system object is supposedly supported with the MATLAB Compiler.
Here is some quick demo code:
function TestVid()
% Quick test of MATLAB compiler on vision.DeployableVideoPlayer
vidp = vision.DeployableVideoPlayer;
for i=1:1000,
I compile with MATLAB compiler deploytool, and the weird thing is that it works fine on my PC (64-bit Windows 7 Pro), but will exit without giving an error if I install and try to execute on two other laptops (64-bit Windows 7 Pro & Windows 8)
I just upgraded to 2015b from 2015a hoping would fix, but did not. Seems like there is some file or .dll that is not getting installed, but I have no way of finding out what the issue is. There is no previous information I could find regarding this on the internet either.
Alexander Kuyper
Alexander Kuyper on 29 Jan 2016
thanks, good tip, also am saving a .log file
Creates the system object OK, but crashes on call to step function.
In a nutshell:
vision:System:toVideoDisplayStart Access Error ...
second process in stack trace is
MATLAB exit with fatal error

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Alexander Kuyper
Alexander Kuyper on 29 Jan 2016
I think I figured it out. After inspecting the tovideodevice.dll with the Dependency Walker utility, one of the calls was to sdl2.dll. Or Simple Direct MediaLayer, https://www.libsdl.org/index.php
I packaged this with my applications and they all work now. A caveat is that I HAD tried this before with MATLAB 2015a and did not appear to fix, but seems OK with 2015b. Seems like the compiler is missing something in its bundling, and had found no documentation on this. Would need to include the library as well if using Coder for the library calls.
Hope this helps others that run across a similar issue.

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Birju Patel
Birju Patel on 28 Jan 2016
That's strange. What happens if you try to reduce the image size from 2048x2048x3 to something like 10x10x3? Does it still fail?
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Alexander Kuyper
Alexander Kuyper on 29 Jan 2016
Still fails if do smaller (128x128x3 in this case). Something a little more revealing that before I was using -C option to create a .ctf file (another error I was getting with deploying), but only created the binary .exe this time.
Says: Error using DeployableVideoPlayer/step
Could not open library:tovideodevice.dll
The library is on the computer and even if I copy to the same directory still fails.

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