Overriding table() methods and adding new

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SETUP Win7 64b R2015b
The table() is a fundamental Matlab class which is also sealed, hence I cannot subclass it.
I want to fix some methods of this class and add new ones. For instance, table.disp() is fundamentally broken, e.g. try NOT disp(table(rand(1e7,1))), or forget the ; from time to time in the command window (the variable takes only 76 MB in RAM but the display is unbuffered and it will stall your system!).
  1. Can I override methods like table.disp() without writing into matlabroot\toolbox\matlab\datatypes\@table?
  2. Can I extend the table class with a new method under C:\MATLAB\@table\ismatrixlike.m? Why do I get
Undefined function 'ismatrixlike' for input arguments of type 'table'.
Obviously, I did
addpath C:\MATLAB\
rehash toolboxcache
I also tried clear all.
The path has (alphabetic) precedence over matlabroot, but is missing a table.m class definition. If I add the same as the native table.m to C:\MATLAB\@table, then I can (after a clear all) run my new method, but:
>> methods(table)
Methods for class table:
classVarNames ismatrixlike table varfun
convertColumn renameVarNames unstack
is only listing the methods in the new \@table folder, even though the old methods still work, e.g.
This partly solves the problem, since now, the native \@table\private folder is not accessible anymore and therefore many native methods are broken!
Why am I doing this? Because I do not want to wait another 2 years before the table() is fixed. I already lost entire days because I simply forgot a ; in the command window and I cannot force a restart on my pc if it is running multiday simulations, but I have to wait for the disk-swap to end :(.

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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 2 Feb 2016
Edited: Oleg Komarov on 3 Feb 2016
I adopted a solution that I fully describe on StackOverflow.
Development for a table() on steroids continues on https://github.com/okomarov/tableutils :)

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