How to change values of variable in both increasing and decreasing manner in GUI ?

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Hello all, As we use slider for changing values of variable continuously in GUI , but slider changes values in one direction only (say 0 to 10), Is it possible to change values in other direction (-10 to 0) also ? because I have an object at origin and I want to move that in +x and -x direction with using one slider . Is that any other way to do that ? Please give me some suggestions . Thank you

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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 14 Jan 2016
is this not just setting the max and min properties of the slider to a min value of -10 and max value of 10? example:
function slidetest2()
hfig = figure(1);
hslide = uicontrol('style','slider','units','normalized','position',[.2 .6 .6 .05],'callback',@dispslideval)
function dispslideval(hobj,event)
Nicolás Casaballe
Nicolás Casaballe on 31 Mar 2016
Try the above approach by including the pair 'Min',-10 alongside the other parameters within the call to uicontrol that creates the slider. Should read similar to
hslide = uicontrol('style','slider',...
'position',[.2 .6 .6 .05],...

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