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Factory properties can only be queried, not set, error

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for example I want to change factoryUicontrolFontSize with this command;
When I execute above command, I got;
Error using set Factory properties can only be queried, not set.
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Stephen23 on 5 Jan 2016
The whole point of factory settings is that they cannot be changed: this allows a system to be rest to its initial (working) state. If any user could simply play around and change the factory settings, then a true reset would never be possible.
Try adjusting the default values instead of the factory values.

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Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 5 Jan 2016
You can't change the factory settings -- they are set at the "factory" (here at MathWorks.)
You can set the DEFAULT settings instead -- change the 'factory' part of your command to 'default' instead. Note that this will only change future uicontrols; it will have no effect on uicontrols that already exist, even if you didn't give them a different FontSize (and so they were using the default from when they were created.)
Silvio Eberhardt
Silvio Eberhardt on 8 Sep 2018
But msgbox() and other UI objects don't read the default values of properties, they read the factory value. On my computer, that results in very small print. And when the font size is modified (along with the box extent) after msgbox is called, on slower systems you then see the box changing - a rather ugly effect.
Jacqueline on 19 Nov 2018
I have the same problem. I end up just overwriting inputdlg, questdlg, etc but it would be nice if there was a way to just increase the FactoryUicontrolFontSize.

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