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adjusting dialog box input font size

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chars={'X0', 'Y0', 'Z0'};
How can I increase the font size (and make bold if it is available) of the user's input into this dialog box in Matlab 2015a?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Jan 2016
I do not know about R2014b and later. For versions before that, the font size is set according to the 'FactoryUicontrolFontSize' root property, which is dangerous to change (if it can be changed.)
The font weight (bold or not) is set according to the DefaultTextFontWeight for the text and DefaultUicontrolFontWeight for the input. Those are safer to set.
sermet on 5 Jan 2016
Walter when I run this;
I got;
Error using matlab.ui.Root/set
Factory properties can only be queried, not set.

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