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plot heat map on map using Latitude, Longitude and my data value

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i have a number of locations across Europe (lat,lon), and for each one i have a corresponding value (in a form of a vector). I would like to create a heatmap using the mapping toolbox such that the a circle is drawn around each lat/lon, with the colour of these circles being defined based on the value my vector.
a simple example is as follows:
f=worldmap([33 68],[-15 37]);
geoshow('landareas.shp', 'FaceColor', [1 1 1],'DefaultEdgeColor', 'b')
PointLatLon = [51 -2.3;54 -3.2;50 3.9;51 5.5;48 1.1];
mValue = [1 4 2 7 3];
There is a code by Chad Greene which i can use to generate the circles (attached), but i don't know how to specify the colour in a heatmap form. the code for the circle can be found at:
Any help is much appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Amy Haskins
Amy Haskins on 29 Dec 2015
Edited: Amy Haskins on 29 Dec 2015
I think that scatterm will work nicely. It would look something like this:
markerSize = 50;
scatterm(PointLatLon(:,1), PointLatLon(:,2), markerSize, mValue,'Filled');
The colors will be chosen from the current colormap based on the value. You can use the colormap command or the figure's colormap editor to change the color coding scheme.
Amir on 11 Jan 2018
Hi Poulomi, If you follow the method proposed by Amy to plot the circles, you can then get the colorbar as follows:
set(gca, 'CLim', [0, max(mValue)]);

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Arnab Sen
Arnab Sen on 29 Dec 2015
I understand that you would like to put color for the circles created on the map. You can do this by sending 'facecolor' as an argument to the 'circlem' function. For example, you may call the function with the arguments as following MATLAB code snippet:
>> h = circlem(lats(1),lons(1),500,'facecolor','red');
For complete documentation of 'circlem', refer to the following link:
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Amir on 5 Jan 2016
Thanks Arnab, sending the 'facecolor' as an argument does color each circle, but i would like to color each one using the value of 'mValue' in a heatmap form.

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Jack on 12 Jan 2018
Hi, this looks exactly what I need. However, is it possible to plot it on top of a google map? I am looking at data at much smaller spatial scales - towns and cities, rather than the world map in the example shown here.
Thank you


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