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any size of matrix

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Rutika Titre
Rutika Titre on 9 Dec 2015
Answered: Jon on 9 Dec 2015
Hi! I have a matrix of 5X5 as my input matrix I want to create array of ones of 5X5 I=ones(length(M)); where M is my input matrix.If my input matrix is 7X9 I=ones(size(M)); is there any other way of writing it in more general form if we give any number of rows or columns. say I want to give 9X10 as my input matrix I want to create array of ones of 9X10.

Accepted Answer

Jon on 9 Dec 2015
Kinda confusing what you're asking.
If your input matrix is M, just write
for a matrix of ones the same size as your input matrix.
If you don't have an input matrix to get the size, and want a matrix of ones that is 3 x 6, write
If I didn't answer your question, it's because it wasn't very clear. You should read this:

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