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bar3 x and y axis

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Alex on 12 Jan 2012
Commented: Rahul on 4 May 2023
I'm trying to create a 3D histogram with bar3 (I don't have the statistic toolbox so I can't use hist3). My data is a 10x10 matrix. Thus I get a 3d hist with x and y axis going from 1 to 10. I would like to change those value to the real value of my variable (0 to 3 and 0 to 100) but I can't use Xlim and Ylim (It also change which are the bar plotted) Anyone has an idea ?

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 12 Jan 2012
Does this do what you want?
set(gca,'XTickLabel',[10 20 30 40])
set(gca,'YTickLabel',[100 200 300])
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Roberto Chang
Roberto Chang on 23 Aug 2021
Hello, tons of bikes for you! this was helpful for me.

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Alex on 12 Jan 2012
Do the job great ! Thanks for that

Austin on 17 Jun 2013
This doesn't really work. I'm trying to plot Z bars against X and Y with more than a few data points. I would like the x and y axis labels to be the real x and y data. Can you help??
Here's and example:
format shortg
xAxis = sort(10*rand(20,1));
sprintf('XMin: %5f xMax: %5f', [min(xAxis) max(xAxis)])
yAxis = sort(30*rand(30,1));
sprintf('yMin: %5f yMax: %5f', [min(yAxis) max(yAxis)])
the cyclist
the cyclist on 17 Jun 2013
Not very many people will see your question, which is buried as an "answer" to a 5-month-old question. I suggest you start a brand-new question, and perhaps reference this question with a link.
Rahul on 4 May 2023
I am guessing you want the contents of the xAxis and yAxis arrays to appear as the labels for the corresponding x and y axis . I simply used a string() method to convert the numeric array to a string and placed that.

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