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How to replicate a hexagon pattern in a given area of 100x100

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Hi all,
I need the guidance from experts as I am little bit confused about how to replicate this hexagon pattern as shown in Figure in an area of 100x100. Because I am not getting how to apply for loop in height and width so that I can get a pattern of hexagons in 100x100.
Need your guidance. My code can be found in attached Replicating_cell_layout1.m file.
I will be thankful for your kind and urgent reply.

Accepted Answer

Rick Rosson
Rick Rosson on 5 Dec 2015
Edited: Rick Rosson on 5 Dec 2015
function draw_pattern
r = 2;
dx = r;
dy = r*sin(pi/3);
hold on;
for x = 0:dx:100
for y = 0:dy:100
aHex = new_hexagon([x y],r);
function aHex = new_hexagon(center,radius)
N = 6;
phi = (2*pi/N)*(0:N)';
aHex = ones(N+1,1)*center + radius * [ cos(phi) sin(phi) ];
Rick Rosson
Rick Rosson on 6 Dec 2015
I accidentally made two mistakes in my code. Maybe you can try to find the errors and then correct them. It's a good exercise for learning how to program in MATLAB.
Arsal15 on 16 Dec 2015
I want to put a plus marks on the black spotted points and its a fix pattern and I want this to be generic so that if I change the size the plus marks can be printed in the same pattern.
Can anyone guide me about some logic or for loop iteration....

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