Problem with opening Quadcopter Project Example

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I am trying to open the example 'Quadcopter Project'provided on Mathworks help. I am unable to open it. I entered the command in command window, then I get an error as Úndefined function'. Toolbox are installed needed for this example. How can I open this Example.
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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 8 Nov 2015
Rahul - what version of MATLAB are you using? It could be that the function asbQuadcopterStart was introduced in a later (from yours) release.

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Usha Duddu
Usha Duddu on 11 Nov 2015
Hi Rahul
I understand that when you try executing "asbQuadcopterStart" function, you run into "Undefined Function" errors. I suspect that it might be an issue with the path. Can you try executing "rehash toolboxcache" and "restoredefaultpath" commands on your command window. If the stated commands do not fix the issue, another suggestion would be to re-install Aerospace toolbox.
If the stated suggestions do not help,please contact MathWorks Technical Support.
Thank you

Armin Schmidt
Armin Schmidt on 4 May 2020
Edited: Armin Schmidt on 4 May 2020
I've the same problem, that matlab (2019b as well as 2018a) gives me the undefined function error. What could be the problem? "rehash toolboxcache" and "restoredefaultpath" didn't worked.
Where would be the file with this start-function be stored under Windows?
Many thanks,


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