Detecting white color in moving video

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KDN on 8 Nov 2015
Commented: Image Analyst on 9 Nov 2015
What change I have to do in given code below to detect white color from video and get it's brightness.
snap_red = imsubtract(snap(:,:,1), rgb2gray(snap));

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Nov 2015
hsvImage = rgb2hsv(double(rgbImage));
h = hsvImage(:,:,1);
s = hsvImage(:,:,2);
v = hsvImage(:,:,3);
whitePixels = s < 0.2 & v > 0.8;
or something like that.
whitePixels is a binary image, or "mask". Feel free to modify the parameters.
See my demo where I track a green Sharpie pen.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Nov 2015
It works for me. Was that for my demo video, or for one of yours? If you put a breakpoint on this line and execute it,
% Setup other parameters
numberOfFrames = videoObject.NumberOfFrame;
what does it say numberOfFrames is? Is the videoObject a valid object?

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