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Change color style of plot

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monkey_matlab on 22 Oct 2015
Answered: TastyPastry on 22 Oct 2015
I was attempting to change the color of one of the plots in my graph to a specific color but I could not get the program to work. Can you help me to change the colors of the plots. Here is my code:
tone = linspace(0,10000,10);
% Modulation Flatness Data
Room = randi([0,100],10,1);
Cold = randi([0,100],10,1);
Hot = randi([0,100],10,1);
semilogx(tone, Room, 'Color',[1,0.4,0.6], tone, Cold, 'b', tone, Hot, 'r'); grid on;
legend('RM', 'Hot', 'Cold');
xlabel('Audio Tone (Hz)'); ylabel('Data (dB)');

Accepted Answer

TastyPastry on 22 Oct 2015
I just split up the lines because semilogx() was being annoying:
semilogx(tone, Room, 'Color',[1,0.4,0.6]);
hold on
semilogx(tone, Cold, 'b');
semilogx(tone, Hot, 'r');
hold off

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