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Taking two arrays away from one another

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Andrew Wileman
Andrew Wileman on 17 Oct 2015
Commented: Andrew Wileman on 21 Oct 2015
Hi, I'm hoping someone may be able to help. I have a array of data 2x3224 and would like to subtract a array 566x1 from it, is it possible? Many thanks in advance.


Jan on 17 Oct 2015
The question is not clear. How to you define "subtract"? Could you give a small example?
Andrew Wileman
Andrew Wileman on 21 Oct 2015
Hi Jan, What I'm trying to do is with the following piece of code. XRUL=find(X_hat(1,:)>=X_hat(end)); DRUL=find(Data(1:s+window_length-1) <= Data(end)); ERUL= bsxfun(@minus,XRUL,DRUL);
Essentially, I have two sets of data, in terms of their magnitude and time. X_hat is a array of dimensions 2x3629 double and is a estimate of remaining useful life. Data is a array of dimension of 269x1 double and is the actual data from the past till the present. I'm interested in extracting the time dimension of each array and then subtracting one from the other. Essentially what I trying to do is find remaining useful life (RUL). RUL = length(estimated RUL) - length(data) Hope you may be able to help.

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Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris on 17 Oct 2015
Array subtraction requires that the number of elements agree. What is the relationship between these two sets of numbers?

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Andrew Wileman
Andrew Wileman on 17 Oct 2015
Hi Andrew, Thanks for getting back to me. My problem revolves around trying to predict remaining useful life. I generate a array which relates to the predicted values n steps ahead. I wish to take this away from the current and past measurements to leave the distance between the last measurement and the predicted point of failure. Not sure how to do this.

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