How to Stop Simulation in Test Sequence Block

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Patrick on 15 Oct 2015
Commented: maiaL on 13 May 2022
Hello Mathworks-Team,
I am currently trying out Simulink Test and I've got a question about the Test Sequence Block. Is there any opportunity to stop the simulation, if a specified state is reached. I tried
set_param(ModelName, 'simulationcommand', 'stop')
but this doesn't work. The ModelName can't be read from workspace because it's a char array and Simulink Test only supports numerical or logical types.
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Sai Vempati
Sai Vempati on 8 Nov 2018
How to stop a sweep rate input signal if a required freq is achieved! im unable to Stop Simulation with this stop block if a specified state is reached
my seems to be similar ! Thanks in advance for everyone

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Answers (4)

Dave on 27 Jan 2021
This should work when not using accellerated mode:
set_param(bdroot, 'simulationcommand', 'stop')

Young Ma
Young Ma on 2 Aug 2017
Hi Patrick,
I understand from your description that you want to stop the simulation when a specific state is reached in Test Sequence block. This is not supported yet in R2017a. I'll communicate this with the relevant staff and hopefully this feature will be available in a future release.
A workaround for this is to use 'Stop Simulation' block, which is documented in the following link:
You can generate an non-zero output from Test Sequence block when a specific state is reached and feed this to the 'Stop Simulation' block so you can stop the simulation.
Denis Dmitriev
Denis Dmitriev on 26 Nov 2019
Is this feature already added to R2019a?

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 15 Oct 2015
Edited: Sebastian Castro on 15 Oct 2015
You can use the error function inside the step you want. This will stop the simulation and output a custom error message.
error('My error message')
Another alternative is, when you reach the state, to change the value of an output signal from false to true. Then, connect this signal to a Stop Simulation block.
- Sebastian
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Patrick on 16 Oct 2015
Hi Sebastian, thanks for your answer. I would prefer the Stop Simulation block. Maybe it's a good idea to add a Stopped State Feature in further Simulink Test releases.

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Todd on 4 Mar 2022
One method is to add an output signal that drives a Simulation Stop block.

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