HDL Simulation in Modelsim from Matlab

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Luffy on 8 Oct 2015
Edited: Luffy on 9 Oct 2015
Unlike the many examples & videos listed in my case,i have the entire tcl script in a .do file and it is very long (350 lines).So it may not be feasible to use 'tclstart' in vsim.
I have generated the test cases from matlab.Now i want to invoke modelsim & pass the .do file which has the tcl script. I'm thinking of using this command in tclstart 'do C:/Users/Desktop/Matlab_latest/eupsic/iklsfv8.do'.
I'm doing this:
tclstart = 'do C:/Users/Desktop/Matlab_latest/eupsic/iklsfv8.do';
This opens modelsim but says unable to read macro file. And my simulation in modelsim would take atleast 2-3 hrs.After that how can i return control back to Matlab ?

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