Export Dependencies - command line function?

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Sven on 8 Oct 2015
Answered: Daniel Frisch on 13 Nov 2020
One can create a dependencie analysis and export all the external files and all necessary functions in one neat little zip as descriped by: model-dependencies-help There is a command line function for creating the dependency analysis.
Question: But is there also a function for creating the zip file from within a matlab script/function?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 8 Oct 2015
doc zip
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Sven on 8 Oct 2015
Edited: Sven on 8 Oct 2015
yes I know! But when you run the dependency analysis and klick on export zip it will include all external files and libraries and even keeps the folder structure!
I would need to replicate all these features using the zip command!
If you can click on a menu option in matlab, there has to be a associated function to it, or not?!
Here is the link to the help segment for this feature: Export Dependencies

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Daniel Frisch
Daniel Frisch on 13 Nov 2020
This function finds all dependency code files and copies them into a single folder (that you can also zip afterwards):
copy_dependencies('my_script.m', 'target_folder')


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