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repeating values in the loop

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Offroad Jeep
Offroad Jeep on 22 Sep 2015
Answered: Jon on 22 Sep 2015
Hi to all,
Can anyone please remove the error in the attached file . I want to make a loop in which theta_new = theta_initial + dtheta. let result is 'a' now'a' should become theta_initial and and next value of dtheta should add like " a + dtheta" and so on ....... till last value of dtheta.
why the values are repeating.........

Accepted Answer

Jon on 22 Sep 2015
You are looping over j, but nothing in your equation is changing with respect to j. Only after all the j's are finished and i changes does your value change. The values are repeating hsteps times (100) before changing.
To see what's happening, just replace line 18 with
theta_new(i,j) = theta_initial + dtheta(i);
and look at the theta_new matrix. Basically, the way you have this set up, there is no reason to have two loops since one is just repeating the same calculation 100 times.

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