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Display just output of function and not the "ans" from the function.

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For this simple function that I have:
% This code takes in two inputs, Z and X.
% eg. Z = [ 2; 7], X = [ 1, 1; 1, 2]. From these two inputs, the
% values for theta1,LS and theta2,LS are calculated.
function theta1LS_theta2LS = LSE(Z,X)
X_transpose = X.'; % Transpose of Matrix X
Theta = inv(X_transpose * X)*X_transpose*Z; % Theta
theta1LS_theta2LS = inv(X_transpose * X)*X_transpose*Z; % Theta
theta1LS = theta1LS_theta2LS(1);
theta2LS = theta1LS_theta2LS(2);
fprintf(' theta1LS = %6.3f \n theta1LS = %6.3f \n',theta1LS, theta2LS);
I just wanted to display the theta1LS and theta2LS numbers.
I do get the theta1LS and theta2LS numbers, but then at the end, I also get ans = -3.0000 5.0000.
How to just get the theta1LS and theta2LS numbers to display and not the "ans" numbers?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Sep 2015
Notice the semi-colon after the expression.

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