how to access device properties configured in application UI

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I want to set device properties for an IDS 'winvideo' camera with the 2015a version of MATLAB+Image Acquisition Toolbox. Specifically, I want to set the Black Level, Master and rgb specific color gains, etc. I can access and configure these properties in the camera application UI. I am having trouble finding them using the MATLAB Image Acquisition functions. For example, if vid is the handle to my camera,
get(vid) returns:
General Settings:
DeviceID = 1
DiskLogger = []
DiskLoggerFrameCount = 0
EventLog = [1x0 struct]
FrameGrabInterval = 1
FramesAcquired = 0
FramesAvailable = 0
FramesPerTrigger = 1
Logging = off
LoggingMode = memory
Name = RGB32_1936x1216-winvideo-1
NumberOfBands = 3
Previewing = off
ROIPosition = [456 110 1024 996]
Running = off
Tag =
Timeout = 10
Type = videoinput
UserData = []
VideoFormat = RGB32_1936x1216
VideoResolution = [1936 1216]
Color Space Settings:
BayerSensorAlignment = grbg
ReturnedColorSpace = rgb
Additionally, getselectedsource(vid) only returns a limited # of properties. src = getselectedsource(vid)
src =
Display Summary for Video Source Object:
General Settings:
Parent = [1x1 videoinput]
Selected = on
SourceName = input1
Tag = [0x0 string]
Type = videosource
Device Specific Properties:
BacklightCompensation = on
Brightness = 4
ColorEnable = on
Contrast = 0
ContrastMode = manual
Exposure = -5
ExposureMode = manual
Gain = 0
GainMode = manual
Gamma = 152
HorizontalFlip = off
Sharpness = 0
VerticalFlip = off
WhiteBalance = 0
WhiteBalanceMode = manual
An earlier post ( ) explains that some settings are not exposed to standard DirectX interfaces required by the toolbox and so cannot be accessed by MATLAB.
Is there any way I can first configure the desired properties in the application UI, and then have them loaded or saved onto MATLAB when I re-open the camera in MATLAB?
Thanks, GL

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Usha Duddu
Usha Duddu on 10 Sep 2015
I understand that you want to access custom properties that you configured in device's application UI. Those properties cannot be accessed directly from MATLAB and you will have to access them only through device's software. However please try the following steps which might help you-
1. Close MATLAB
2. Set the properties within device's application UI
3. Close the application UI
4. Reopen MATLAB and see if you are able to access custom application UI properties.
If you have any additional questions on this please contact MathWorks Technical Support

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