Why is legend not saved with hgsave/savefig?

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Jakob Sievers
Jakob Sievers on 4 Sep 2015
Edited: Usha Duddu on 8 Sep 2015
Hi there
So I am using hgsave or savefig to save my current figure to a .fig which I then open later on with openfig but when I open it again the legends are missing for some reason. It appears to be the only thing missing as well. I found this thread from 2004 on the subject but no useful solution was found back then: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/newsreader/view_thread/69620
Can anyone help me?

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Usha Duddu
Usha Duddu on 8 Sep 2015
Edited: Usha Duddu on 8 Sep 2015
Hi Jakob
I understand that the legend does not get saved in .fig file on using the following commands-
>>hgsave and >>savefig
If you are using MATLAB R14 this is a known bug and there are no workarounds for it. Refer to the following link that has an answer to the issue similar to yours-
Also make sure that legend visibility is set to on before saving and after opening your .fig file. Use the following command to set the visibility of legend to on-
Hope this resolves your issue.


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