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Using gauspuls

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Sarah on 13 Dec 2011
Answered: Sai Charan Sampara on 30 Jun 2022
Hello Everyone,
Is anyone familiar with the gauspuls function? I am trying to create a combined signal. The first signal is a simple sinusoidal signal. I want the second signal to be a gaussian sinusoidal pulse signal that occurs within the time range that I have already specified for my sine signal. Please see the code to see what I have so far.
clear all;
TimeStep = 0.01*2*pi; %time increment
Time.Start = 0; %time interval starting time
Time.End = 50*2*pi; %time interval ending time
Time = (Time.Start):(TimeStep):(Time.End); %time
%Reference Signal
Sig.Ref = 1*sin(1*2*pi*Time + 0); %A = 1, f = 1, phase = 0
%Abnormal Signal
Sig.Ab = gauspuls()?
%Combined Signal
Sig.Comb = Sig.Ref + Sig.Ab;
My problem is that I don't really know how to define my pulse signal to fit within the time boundaries of my original sinusoidal signal. I want to be able to change the frequency, amplitude, and duration of the pulse as well. Any ideas or helpful hints?? Thanks for your time.

Answers (2)

contessa mima
contessa mima on 13 Mar 2012
hi, did you fin a solution to this problem?

Sai Charan Sampara
Sai Charan Sampara on 30 Jun 2022
gauspuls is used to create gaussian modulated sinusoidal RF pulse. For having in same time boundaries give the first input to gauspuls as Time. Refer to the following link for more details on the gauspuls function:


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