Return coordinate of first nonzero element.

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Pramod Bhat
Pramod Bhat on 11 Dec 2011
Hai friends, I have a binary image. I want my function return coordinate of the first nonzero value pixel from a selected row. how to do this ? I had asked the same question ystday also. Someone answered to that. But i wanted coordinates, not indices.
Jan on 11 Dec 2011
If you want to specify a question, please either add a comment to the answer or edit the question. Postinmg another thread is worse, because now we have to waste time for searching your earlier question to avoid the creation of an identical answer.
As David has asked already: What is the difference between "coordinate" and "index"?

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Answers (1)

Mohsen  Davarynejad
Mohsen Davarynejad on 11 Dec 2011
A=boolean(2*rand(10,10)>1) % Creating a random Matrix
Row = 2; % Assumung you are looking for the first 0 of the row 2.
Colomn = min(find(A(Row,:)))
Coordinates: [Row Colomn]


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