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Batch runs- Matlab busy

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Elvina on 25 Aug 2015
Commented: Elvina on 25 Aug 2015
I'm running a batch file via Matlab 2014a using the dos command, which works fine and gives the correct results, but there is a problem with the batch file and it doesn't close after it has produced the desired outputs. It seems to be perpetually closing the outputfiles, and Matlab remains "Busy" for a very long time.
Is there a way of putting a conditional statement in my code to end the batch run as soon as this message appears int he command window? I am unable to change the actual batch file so I would just like a statement to add to my script.
Thank you in advance!

Accepted Answer

Nobel Mondal
Nobel Mondal on 25 Aug 2015
Edited: Nobel Mondal on 25 Aug 2015
If you call the batch file with "&", the job will be launched in a different shell and it will free matlab prompt immediately. Example:
>> dos('myBatchFile.bat &')
The downside with this is : you will see a windows command prompt opening up and running the job.
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Elvina on 25 Aug 2015
Ah, thank you. Doesn't close the batch run but frees up Matlab as you said.

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