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Update Python module in Matlab

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Evan on 13 Aug 2015
Answered: Evan on 14 Aug 2015
I'm trying to run a Python script using Matlab's built-in py. It's pretty simple, but I'm running into some difficulty drying to debug an error in my code (which runs fine testing in my Python IDE but crashes when run through Matlab).
The issue is that Matlab seems to be caching the module the first time I call a function, and I can't figure out how to get it to recognize changes to the module without restarting Matlab. Is anyone aware of a way to avoid this issue?
Evan on 14 Aug 2015
Indeed it is. Thanks, I'll close this.

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Accepted Answer

Evan on 14 Aug 2015
Editing and reloading a Python® module in the same MATLAB session. To use an updated module, restart MATLAB.

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