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Plotting the same distribution function in two different ways return two different graphs

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I use the following code to plot a CDF (FvR)
% Plot the estimated and actual distribution functions.
vR = sort(vR);
FvR = sort(FvR);
plot([vR(1);vR],[0 FvR],':');
hold on
legend('Single-Index-Estimated CDF',4)
axis ([0.5 max(vR) 0 1])
and I get the following graph
while when I use
I get:
The two graphs are very different. I believe that the only real difference in the code is that in the first one I declared both axis, so I don't understand why I have two distributions that look so different.
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Jon on 12 Aug 2015
In your first plot, you are plotting using the following code:
plot([vR(1);vR],[0 FvR],':');
In your second plot, you are (effectively) plotting using the following code:
The x-axes are different, hence the different plots.

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