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How do I create an Array of random binary?

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tash7827 on 3 Aug 2015
Commented: Image Analyst on 3 Aug 2015
Essentially, I have ten matrices in my array of 60x96x10 and for each matrix I need to have random binary numbers, but the indices of the 1's cannot repeat through the array and each of the 60x96 needs to have a one only once.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Aug 2015
tash, if you have 10 slices and only one "1" in each slice, then you will have only 10 1's, not 60x96. If you do have 60x96 ones, then you MUST have some z slices that have more than one 1 in them. If you didn't then you'd have only 10 1's, not 60x96 of them.

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Answers (2)

Jan on 3 Aug 2015
Perhaps you want 10 unique numbers in the range of 1:60*96 as indices?
Index = randperm(1:60*96, 10);
Result = zeros(60, 96, 10);
Ind = sub2ind([60*96, 10], Index, 1:10);
Result(Ind) = 1;
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tash7827 on 3 Aug 2015
thank you for this response but i would like 60*96 ones finally, so how would i tweak this response?

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Jon on 3 Aug 2015
Edited: Jon on 3 Aug 2015
M = zeros(60,96,10);
for j = 1:size(M,3)
rand_row_idx = randi([1 size(M,1)]);
rand_col_idx = randi([1 size(M,2)]);
M(rand_row_idx,rand_col_idx,j) = 1;
Edit: just saw that you want 60*96 ones finally; this is for 10 ones. For 5760 ones, you can use
M = zeros(60,96,10);
for j = 1:size(M,1)
for jj = 1:size(M,2)
rand_z = randi([1 size(M,3)]);
M(j,jj,rand_z) = 1;


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