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JIT vs vectorization

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Ariel Balter
Ariel Balter on 2 Mar 2011
Is there a reference for general rules for when vectorization is faster than the JIT?
I actually prefer to use for loops. I believe it makes my code more transparent. Months later it is much easier to figure out what a loop is doing than an intricate vectorized statement.
Is JIT as fast as vectorization for loops (when the code in the loop is acceptable for the JIT)?
Thanks, Ariel

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 2 Mar 2011
JIT is just as fast as vectorization,... sometimes.
There is no published guide for using JIT because TMW doesn't want you to write code specifically for the JIT accelerator.
The two best tips that I know of for making loops as quick as possible:
  1. Pre-allocate arrays.
  2. Move repeated code to outer loops or completely outside if possible.
For plenty of examples, search CSSM.
Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 2 Mar 2011

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