Printing from Editor/Command Window uses huge font

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When I print from either the editor or command window - including printing to a pdf - the text size is greatly enlarged and stretched horizontally slightly. Additionally, when I copy and paste text into an external text editor, it pastes in a much larger (size 25) font.
I suspect the problem originates from my ultra high-res screen (3200x1800). I had previously downloaded the workaround patch for Bug Report ID 1054442.
Within page setup under the print menu, I have tried both using the editor font and a custom font. Using a custom font with a font size of 2 prints a reasonable size, but the text is again stretched horizontally.
Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Usha Duddu
Usha Duddu on 31 Jul 2015
Hi Daniel
It is my understanding that when you print from either editor or command window, the size of the text is enlarged. The issue is due to ultra high resolution monitor. Solution:
1. Run 'toggleHighDPISupport.p' instead of 'toggleHighDPISupport.m' file file from the bug report.
2. After the execution of that file, check if output is 'High DPI support is now on'.
3. Restart MATLAB for changes to take effect.
4.Execute the following 2 commands to check the High DPI support settings
>> s = Settings;
>> s.matlab.desktop.HighDPISupport
Hope this resolves your issue.

Daniel on 1 Aug 2015
Thanks for the help Usha! I discovered the fix. My high DPI support setting had previously been on. I toggled off the high DPI support and discovered that the desktop code font (under Environment - Preferences) was set to 25. I changed this to my preferred size 10 font and it printed fine.
I then toggled on the high DPI support, which automatically set the font to size 4. At size 4 font, the high DPI setting will print comparably to the size 10 font without the high DPI setting.
After printing, resetting the font to size 10 restored the environment appearance.
Thus, the solution for printing when the high DPI setting is toggled on is to change the overall environment font size to size 4, print, and reset the font size to the desired level.
The horizontal stretching seemed to be a problem with my particular printer, as it was not an issue on a different printer.

Roy Hogan
Roy Hogan on 10 Feb 2022
I am running 2019b (windows 10) on a 3840x2160 monitor and when I print from the editor, the fonts are huge. I have tried adjusting the settings options found by "right-clicking" on the executable file. Nothing I have found in the string of responses above that has solved the issue. It will likely be something simple, but I'm at a dead-end now. Any suggestions... Thank you for your help!


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