How to detect the simulation start command (Run Button of a model) for inserting user commands before the 'SimulationStatus' takes the value 'start'?

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In a design with multiple Xilinx simulation muxes, there is a need to make the right selection of a circuit dedicated for the simulation purpose. To do so, a verification that all muxes must be set to the "Simulation representative circuit" has to be done before the get_param(gcs, 'SimulationStatus') = 'start'.
Is there a function / m-script associated to the 'Run button' (or Menu-> Simulation-> Run or CTRL+T) that can be edited for inserting user commands before the simulation start? Or any GUI tag from the model windows that can be read?
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Muthu Annamalai
Muthu Annamalai on 27 Jul 2015
Hello Richard,
I assume you want to modify properties of a block on 'initialization of simulation'.
You have callbacks on various blocks which can be accessed by right-click "Block properties" and under callback functions.
Adding respective block property set/get parameters will enable you to control pre-simulation/post and during simulation actions.
For example the following shows how to add a callback for MaskInit
Richard Bourque
Richard Bourque on 4 Aug 2015
These observations have been based with the use of "disp('Message')", but it is ignored when pressing the "Run button". With the use of "errordlg('Message')" I can see the appropriate callback execution.

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