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How to perform multiple AND operations inside the loop?

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I have a binary image "I", and 40 binary images "test01" to "test40"...all the images have same resolution...I want to AND the image I with the 40 test images one by one and then take the sum to find out the maximum sum to get the best matching to perform ANDing using loop instead of doing it multiple times...thanks in advance
peyush on 23 Jul 2015
Edited: peyush on 23 Jul 2015
I am doing pettern recognition, I have an image "I" which I want to compare with 40 images having different patterns...I want to AND the image "I" with all the 40 images one by one to find out the best matching pettern....hope I am clear now

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Accepted Answer

Jon on 23 Jul 2015
Edited: Jon on 23 Jul 2015
Why not just
which will return the number of pixels that are different between im1 and im2. There are much more sophisticated ways, but this is a decent start.
Jon on 24 Jul 2015
If you can't figure that out, you might be in over your head. Just put it in a loop, e.g.
im_to_match = I; % the image for which you're looking for a best match
imsum(40) = 0; % preallocate solution
for i = 1:40
im2compare = yourimagestructure(i); % call the image you want to compare against
imsum(i) = sum(abs(imsubtract(im_to_match,im2))); % do the comparison
[~,best_match_i] = min(imsum); % returns the image with fewest differences (in a pixel-by-pixel sense)

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Jul 2015

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