How can I call external m files as a block in simulink?

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I have a Simulink file which requires some output from another file not in the simulation which inputs from several other files. I can't use embedded MATLAB function as that wouldn't allow the other libraries I need to work. How can one run an external file, and take the output from it as if it were a block? If that is not possible, how could I put these external functions and data into the simulation? Thank you.

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Luffy on 20 Jun 2015
Edited: Luffy on 20 Jun 2015
I couldn't understand why you couldn't use the Matlab function block.
Otherwise,run the external m files & capture the outputs of those files into your base workspace & from there you could pass them to your Simulink model by using Input Ports.
To avoid doing this everytime,you can do the following: You can do this using a callback:
1) Open your Simulink model
2) Click "File" -> "Model Properties"
3) Select the second tab, called "Callbacks" in the "Model Properties" window that opened up
4) Select the right callback, and type in the name of your MATLAB function.
You probably can use "PreLoadFcn" callback. The in the "Model pre-load function:" part of the window, type your function, i.e., type loaddata if your function is loaddata.m.
Luffy on 20 Jun 2015
Did you use Matlab function block ?Why was it not working ? If you use that,then you can repeatedly call the function

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 20 Jun 2015
You can use this block Interpreted Matlab Function formerly called Matlab Function


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