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How to select the ROI of specific size over the image ?

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I want to select the ROI of 128 by 128 within the image attached. Using the imrect function we can draw the ROI but I wanted to select constant size of 128 by 128 can you please suggest some method where I can provide the size roi and it will get draw on image. Thank you

Accepted Answer

Meshooo on 29 May 2015
Edited: Meshooo on 29 May 2015
Let's say that your image is I. Then using the follow code you will get a 128x128 ROI on your image. You can move and drag the ROI using your mouse. Once it is located at the place you want just double click inside it.
You can also change the values of S to move the ROI.
S = [1 1 128 128]; %the size of your ROI starts at point X1, Y1
I = imread('cameraman.tif'); % your input image
figure, imshow(I);
h = imrect(gca, S);
addNewPositionCallback(h,@(p) title(mat2str(p,3)));
fcn = makeConstrainToRectFcn('imrect',get(gca,'XLim'),get(gca,'YLim'))
position = wait(h);
I2 = imcrop(I,position);
imshow(I2); % the output image of your ROI
Hope that helps you.
Veena Chatti
Veena Chatti on 8 Mar 2020
Hi Image Analyst,
Thanks a ton for your reply and suggestions. Excited to try out those functions!
I spent a little time working towards this differently yesterday before I saw your comment.
I'm looking to place ROI circles of the same size on about 5-10 coordinate points in an image.
So far, I've extracted and plotted the coordinates of these points by clicking on them with crosshairs:
set(gcf, 'units','normalized','outerposition',[0 0 1 1]); %For fullscreen
[x, y] = getpts; % I know this function isn't recommended any more, any better ideas?
hold on
plot(x, y, 'o', 'MarkerSize', 5, 'MarkerEdgeColor','green', 'MarkerFaceColor','green');
hold off
(Look at the tiny green dots above)
What I'd like to do further is to place circle ROIs of a specific radius on each dot, and create a mask with each circle ROI separately, retaining its specific coordinate information.
It would be ideal to have labels for each circle ROI on the final image.
I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

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More Answers (2)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 May 2015
Either rectangle(), plot(), or line() can do that. Be sure you call "hold on" before you draw the box over the image or else the box will blow the image away.

Jonas Thomalla
Jonas Thomalla on 11 Nov 2020
With the newer roi-commands it also can look like this:
height = 128;
width = height;
roi = images.roi.Rectangle(gca,'Position',[1,1,width,height],'FixedAspectRatio',true,'InteractionsAllowed','translate');
roi = customWait(roi);
function oROI = customWait(hROI)
%from function customWait
% Listen for mouse clicks on the ROI
l = addlistener(hROI,'ROIClicked',@clickCallback);
% Block program execution
% Remove listener
% Return the current roi
oROI = hROI;
function clickCallback(~,evt)
if strcmp(evt.SelectionType,'double')
Hope this helps anyone because I was searching for a solution for a few days.

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