save gui handles between uiwait/uiresume calls

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I'd like to implement the following behaviour in my gui app: - start iterating through a for loop and compute an array - at the end of each loop, pause and give control to the user, which should be able to manually remove some elements from the array - resume execution
To do it, i write the array to the handles data structure: = myArr;
then call uiwait:
and then update the variable:
myArr =;
The callback that creates myArrTmp first gets the initial array from the handles:
myArrTmp =;
updates it according to user's choice, then writes it back to the handles = myArrTmp;
guidata(hObject, handles);
and finally calls uiresume:
When the control is returned to the main loop, it seems that the handles are reset, such that after uiwait, does not exist.
How can I make the data inside the handles structure persist after calling uiresume? Is there a better method that could implement the same behaviour ?
Thank you.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 May 2015
The routine needs to call guidata() to retrieve the changed version of the handles structure.
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River Rock
River Rock on 19 May 2015
Hi Walter,
Thanks for the reply. I do call guidata, but the handles are lost when uiresume is called.
Does uiwait block the execution of the current (parent) callback or the one of the entire gui app?
I am still able to debug inside the new callback (while uiwait is active).

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