file ordered by the sequence mouse selecting

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Roger on 13 May 2015
Commented: Roger on 14 May 2015
there r several files ,for example,b.txt, c.txt , e.txt, a.txt;
i want to order them by the mouse selecting sequence.
first select c.txt, then a.txt, then e.txt, then b.txt then the order is c -> a->e-> b,
but i use uigetfile then they are not ordered by what i want.
are there any ways ?
Roger on 14 May 2015
thanks you two ,@Guillaume, is there any other way of 'letting the user drag and record teh files into a listbox ' , or as @Jan Simon said below?

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Answers (1)

Jan on 13 May 2015
uigetfile does not reply the files in the order you select them. So you have to call uigetfile with selecting 1 file each time until the user hits cancel.
Or try to modify FEX: uipickfiles .
Get a list of files with dir and store the names in a reorderable listbox .


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