Write operation using Activexserver command

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I have 4 array, a = [1 2 3] b=[4 5 6] c=[8 9 10], text=[num1 num2 num3]
I need to write to excel sheet where a in sheet1, b in sheet2, c in sheet3 and i also should have header for three sheet as it is mentioned in text?
How can I do this?
Thanks a lot

Accepted Answer

Thomas Koelen
Thomas Koelen on 11 May 2015
ws = wb.Worksheets.Item('sheetname');
Insert this before you put something in the sheet, that way it will in what sheet to put it. 'sheetname' is the name of the sheet you are trying to change, you can get these sheets with the xlsinfo command (or do it manually).

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