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My username has been changed by company IT. This has resulted in Licence Manager Error 9. What can be done to remedy this situation?

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Any advice on who I should contact to fix the above problem.
We stil have a licence, it is my username to my machine that has changed.

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Thomas Koelen
Thomas Koelen on 8 May 2015
The License Center allows an Administrator or Asset Manager to change the Licensed End Users associated to a license. To use the License Center login to your MathWorks account here:
To Add a Licensed End User:
1. Select your license from the list.
2. Click on "End Users and License Contacts".
3. Click on the "Add User" Button found to the right, above the table of Licensed End Users. Please note that an individual license cannot have more than one Licensed End User.
4. Enter the Licensed End User's information in the name and email fields that appear.
This will create a MathWorks account for the user if they don't have one already and send them an email with an account password.
NOTE: You can also assign users to trials in the same way by going to
To remove a Licensed End User, use the following instructions (you will need to be the Administrator or Asset Manager contact to remove users):
1. Select your license from the list.
2. Click on "End Users and License Contacts".
3. Click the red remove user icon within the "-". If this is an individual license, the end user will be removed. If it is a network license, you can select from the list which users to remove.
4. Confirm this is the user you wish to remove, and click on "remove user" to verify the user is removed.
A short video demonstrating process of adding or removing Licensed End Users is available here:
If you have any questions, you can contact MathWorks Customer Support via
For more information about using the License Center, see Related Solution 1-5O96SJ, "How do I use the license center?".
Dominic on 8 May 2015
Unfortuantely this has had no positive result. The administrator took me off and re-added me. I dont think they were given the option to amend the username.

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