how to get coordinate a point in 2d grid if i know the avg speed of that point

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suppose i have plotted a point on 2d graph and i know the avg speed of this point and after one minute I wish to know the coordinate of that point on 2d
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Nobel Mondal
Nobel Mondal on 7 May 2015
Average speed doesn't have a direction component, so it is theoretically not possible to calculate the 2D coordinates.

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Thomas Koelen
Thomas Koelen on 7 May 2015
Edited: Thomas Koelen on 7 May 2015
X=0; %Initial X position
Y=0; %Initial Y position
Xspeed=5; %Speed in X direction, times 60 if you want it to be in minutes.
Yspeed=3; %Speed in Y direction, ##
nseconds=10; %Number of seconds/minutes it runs
grid on
hold on
for it=1:nseconds
This is what you want I think

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