Problem with "uigetfile" command in a compiled executable

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I am using “uigetfile” command in a GUI script to browse the files I would like to import. The command, and the program, works in a Matlab environment but not when the code is compiled to an executable. As an executable, the program allows the user to browse the file but no file gets selected (I have an output windows showing the path and file names which remain blank after the browsed file has been selected). I am using “importdata” command to import the files, which works in a Matlab environment. Do you have a solution or workaround to this problem? I have found several online but none of them worked thus far.
Libish Jacob
Libish Jacob on 18 Jan 2022
I had the same problem, I was using the mcc command directly to create an exe.
To fix this, I created a project file and used evalc('!deploytool -package projectfilename.prj'); to create the exe. And it worked.

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Answers (2)

Roger on 8 May 2015
[filename, pathname, filterindex] = uigetfile( ...
{ '*.mat','MAT-files (*.mat)'; ...
'*.slx;*.mdl','Models (*.slx, *.mdl)'; ...
'*.*', 'All Files (*.*)'}, ...
'Pick a file', ...
'MultiSelect', 'on');
%assume showing its path in a textbox ,and its tag is text1

Dasharath Gulvady
Dasharath Gulvady on 11 May 2015
I'm assuming that you are using "filename" output of "uigetfile" to load a MAT file as follows:
filename = uigetfile
Note that in this case the file has to be in the current directory to get loaded. Instead specify the absolute path as follows:
[filename, pathname] = uigetfile
load([pathname filename])


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