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change x axis, i have a plot of data from a headset. then i have 5 lines from a game, so i want 0-time from start(green) line till the end(red line), is it possible?

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hold on;
plot(data(2:end,3),data(2:end,2), 'k');
plot([Start Start],[0 1], 'g');
plot([mistake1 mistake1],[0 1], 'c');
plot([mistake2 mistake2],[0 1], 'c');
plot([mistake3 mistake3],[0 1], 'c');
plot([mistake4 mistake4],[0 1], 'c');
plot([End End],[0 1], 'r');

Accepted Answer

pfb on 29 Apr 2015
Edited: pfb on 29 Apr 2015
Not sure what your asking for.
Do you need to re-define the limits of your x-axis so that they go from the green to the red line? That would be
xlim([start end]);
Or maybe you want that your scale be 0 at the green line... In that case you simply substract start from all the xdata in your plots. When plotting
and likewise for the others.
Otherwise, with focus on the axes containing your plots, like the figure you sent,
% get the handles for the lines
h = findobj(gca,'type','line','linestyle','-');
% loop over the handles
for j = 1:length(h)
% translate the xdata
pfb on 29 Apr 2015
Not sure I understand even after your reply to Michael.
Translating all your xdata, as illustrated above, puts the origin at start.
The rest seems like a xticklabel or xtick matter.
If you do not translate, but insist on using your plot:
set(gca,'xtick',[54 162],'xticklabel',[0 108]);
otherwise, if you translate, you just need
set(gca,'xtick',[0 108]);
Because the ticklabels would coincide with the real tick positions. Personally, I'd prefer this.

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Michael Haderlein
Michael Haderlein on 29 Apr 2015
Edited: Michael Haderlein on 29 Apr 2015
It's not quite clear what you want.
1) You want the x-axis to only go from the green line to the red line:
xlim(Start, End)
as you have named the respective values this way.
2) You want to get the data which lies in between the green and the red line for further processing:
partofthedata=data(data(:,3)>=Start & data(:,3)<=End,:);
Please note that the exclusion of the first row (you use data(2:end,...)) is not applied here. If this is a problem, first remove this row and then cut out the way I have shown here.
3) A comment on your variable naming: "End" is a very bad variable name. First, it's a keyword and second it has a special meaning as index (even though you have capitalized it - I wouldn't use it).
pfb on 29 Apr 2015
xlim(Start, End)
would produce an error, though. The limits should be in a vector, at least up to R2012b.
xlim([Start, End])
I agree on avoiding the name End for a variable. Did not spot that.
Michael Haderlein
Michael Haderlein on 4 May 2015
Oops, thanks for correcting me. Of course it's supposed to be an array. Anyway, guess the issue is already solved.

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