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how to convert this image to the original one?

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I am using
I also used map and ind2rgb, but these two are also not helping me to get back the original image(image 2).
Need your me.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Apr 2015
You can't get back to the original, unless you'ved save the original. If you pseudocolor the image with rgb2ind() you basically force all pixels to be chosen from a limited number of colors, and you get a "grayscale" image where the "gray scale" or value of the image is not really a gray scale intensity or a color but really an index into a pseudocolor look up table (a "colormap"). After that, then you cannot get back the original image even with ind2rgb(). ind2rgb() will give you a color image but just with the limited number of colors.


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