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How do I read an image from a different folder into my .m file using Matlab in Ubuntu?

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I am able to access images from a folder using Matlab in Windows. I use Matlab 2010a with Ubuntu 14.04. How do I read an image from a folder which is outside the current folder into my .m file?

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Sreeram Mohan
Sreeram Mohan on 24 Apr 2015
Hi Deepa,
Did you try adding the folder that your image exists into path and try out ?
You could programatically add the folder to the MATLAB path as well using
>> addpath(folderName);
hope this helps !!
Sreeram Mohan
Deepa Nair
Deepa Nair on 24 Apr 2015
Thank you Sreeram. I tried with addpath also. This is the code I tried..
InputImg= dir(fullfile('home\Deepa\Documents\reading_DB\images\*.jpg')); InputDir ='home\nit\Documents\After_compre\reading_DB\images\';
InputN = {};
for Imagenum = 1:length(InputImg) filename = InputImg(Imagenum); name = strcat(InputDir,filename);
In_img = imread(filename);
title('Input Image');
In the work space, it still shows inputN as a 0x0 cell.
Deepa Nair
Deepa Nair on 24 Apr 2015
A correction: both path in the program are the same InputImg= dir(fullfile('home\Deepa\Documents\reading_DB\images\*.jpg')); InputDir ='home\Deepa\Document\reading_DB\images\';

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Michael Haderlein
Michael Haderlein on 24 Apr 2015
Possibly the file separator you use is wrong? In Unix systems you use "/" while in Windows you use "\". However, you write "dir(fullfile('home\Deepa\Documents\reading_DB\images\*.jpg'))", so I guess you have chosen the wrong one. You can use filesep to get the correct separator.

Sreeram Mohan
Sreeram Mohan on 28 Apr 2015
Hi Deepa,
First off could you please first reduce the problem to a simple one so that we can see what is the real issue ?
1) Could you please copy 1 jpg file into the present working directory wherever the script is being run and then verify without path if imread and the imshow work ? 2) Next once that is working could you please try putting the image in a location that is smaller in length and try ? may be less than 64 characters ? If even this work then proceed to 3rd step 3) Try using a longer path name and see if that works !
Hope this will give a better insight into where the issue is popping in from ?

sruthi N
sruthi N on 13 Dec 2017
In image processing i have real time image. but its read only the specific software like that Radiant Dicom viewer, so how will i read the image from this software in m.file

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