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How do I export a matlabb app?

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Gabriel on 4 Jun 2024
Commented: Gabriel on 6 Jun 2024
I'll be brief.
How do I export a matlabb app so another person can edit it?
I've tried, but my colleague only gets a file and once he extracts it, he is not able to even open the GUI.
Thanks in advance
Michael VanMeter
Michael VanMeter on 4 Jun 2024
This sounds like an issue with how the file is being transferred, not Matlab per se. Is the transfer process really compressing the file, or is it just adding the extension due to an unkown file type? Have you tried simply removing the .zip extension (not unzipping)?
Gabriel on 6 Jun 2024
I just figured it out, WhatsappWeb compiles it as a .zip.
Thank you.

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Accepted Answer

Catalytic on 4 Jun 2024
It should be enough to give them the .mlapp file.
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Gabriel on 6 Jun 2024
You are right!
Turns out if you send it via WhatsApp Web it compiles as a .zip.
Thank you

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