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Cannot generate method documentation for abstract class

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I've the following abstract class:
classdef (Abstract) SessionManager < handle
% SESSIONMANAGER Interface for a generic session manager.
% The session manager has the responsibility to manage the sessions that
% are opened for the system. It also allows to perform some operation on
% them.
b = isSessionOpened(this)
% ISSESSIONOPENED Tells if a session is currently opened in the system.
session = getCurrentSession(this)
% The comment for getting current session
loadSession(this, session)
% another comment
% You know what's this
When I try to retrieve the help of the class, I can see the description from the command line:
help SessionManager
But when I click on the link for seeing the documentation page. I cannot see the documentation for methods, they are blank:
This is what I see when I click on a link of a custom method:
What I'm doing wrong? How can I document properly the methods?

Accepted Answer

Animesh on 8 May 2024
This seems to be an issue with the way you have declared your functions. The functions should be declared in the following format to generate proper help documentation:
function b = isSessionOpened(this)
% ISSESSIONOPENED Tells if a session is currently opened in the system.
You can refer the following MathWorks documentation for more information:
Hope this helps in resolving the issue.
Daniele Lupo
Daniele Lupo on 10 May 2024
Thanks, it seems to work. But I don't understand why I need to mark as abstract the methods section if the class is abstract itself... I need to check the documentation.
thanks again.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 10 May 2024
You can have non-Abstract methods in an Abstract class.
In addition, if your class is defined in an @ directory specifying the method attribute Abstract can help MATLAB distinguish whether those methods are Abstract or defined in a separate file.

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