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How to combine multiple net in LSTM

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Luc Xuan Bui
Luc Xuan Bui on 8 Apr 2024
Commented: Luc Xuan Bui on 14 Apr 2024
I intend to train three sequences using LSTM, then combine them into one 'net' for prediction to speed up the training process. However, I'm facing difficulties in achieving this.

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Ben on 9 Apr 2024
You can combine 3 separate LSTM-s into one network by adding them to a dlnetwork object and hooking up the outputs. Note that if the LSTM-s have OutputMode="sequence" then either you need all input sequences to have the same length, or have some layer(s) that can manage the data with different sequence lengths.
Here's an example with OutputMode="last"
inputSizes = [1,2,3];
outputSize = 4;
lstmHiddenSize = 5;
hiddenSize = 10;
sequenceLengths = [6,7,8];
x1 = dlarray(rand(inputSizes(1),sequenceLengths(1)),"CT");
x2 = dlarray(rand(inputSizes(2),sequenceLengths(2)),"CT");
x3 = dlarray(rand(inputSizes(3),sequenceLengths(3)),"CT");
layers = [
net = dlnetwork(layers,Initialize=false);
net = addLayers(net,[sequenceInputLayer(inputSizes(2));lstmLayer(lstmHiddenSize,OutputMode="last",Name="lstm2")]);
net = addLayers(net,[sequenceInputLayer(inputSizes(3));lstmLayer(lstmHiddenSize,OutputMode="last",Name="lstm3")]);
net = connectLayers(net,"lstm2","cat/in2");
net = connectLayers(net,"lstm3","cat/in3");
net = initialize(net);
y = predict(net,x1,x2,x3)
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Luc Xuan Bui
Luc Xuan Bui on 14 Apr 2024
Sorry for making it seem like I didn't state the question clearly. I have a data string 0-t, but I want to split this string into 3 strings 0-t1, t1-t2, t2-t. Then I train these 3 sequences with 3 different parameters on the LSTM network, but I want to make sure the output is only 1. That is, I have 3 inputs separated from 1 continuous sequence, the first 3 nets. output after training, then combine the information learned from these 3 nets into 1 for prediction. Your method is 3 inputs predicting 3 outputs. Sorry for this misunderstanding.

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